Public Transportation

Boston is fantastic.  I visited the city a few years ago, but did not get a ton of time to explore or enjoy it.  In fact, it was the middle of January and it was freezing cold and pretty miserable as far as weather goes.  Another chance to visit Boston appeared and I took it.  I would be living in Boston for two weeks and following around cardiologists almost every day and absorbing as much knowledge as I could.  Naturally, I snatched up that opportunity.

Finding a place to stay that didn’t bankrupt me was a challenge, but it was done.  I even found cheap flights in and out of Logan Airport.  Eventually consider myself a bit of a novice when it comes to public transportation.  I’ve taken the commuter train in and out of the city before and used the T in Boston before also.  I’ve never had the experience of being on a bus on a daily basis.  My experiences so far have not been awful.

Let me just say here that I do not hate public transportation.  It is a great way to get around.

Let me also say that people need to shower more.


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