A Splotchy Adventure

Feeling that my summer has been lacking, I decided to go to the beach today.  I rented a car and made my way north of Boston to the most adorable and pretty towns I have had the opportunity to visit – Ipswich, Massachusetts.  I could talk about how amazing I thought this town is, but it truly is something you should really experience for yourself.  But back to the main idea of the post….

Since I am only traveling for a couple weeks and forgot sunscreen at home, I purchased some at a nearby CVS.  It was the spray-on kind.  I figured sunscreen lotion was sunscreen lotion, right?  How wrong I was.  So I get to the beach, which was beautiful by the way, and the first thing I do is open up the sunscreen lotion and spray myself.  I even spray my feet because I am a responsible adult. I lay out in the sun, dive into the ocean (which was FREEZING), and enjoy the sun and sand some more.

A couple hours later, I leave the beautiful beach to explore the town and drive back to Boston.  I know I am sun-burnt because I can feel it on my shoulders.  I also accidentally napped at the beach.   However, I was not prepared for what I was about to see when I got back to the place I was staying.  Looking in the mirror, most of my body is beat red.  To my horror, there are a few exceptions, like the one long stripe down my left arm, splotches on my shoulders, and random lines on my stomach and legs.  These spots are where the most concentrated of sunscreen lotion was applied.

I am a tiger-dalmation hybrid.  It does not look good on me.  My only hope is that everything evens out… at least the stripes and splotches. Knowing my mostly Irish skin, these (hopefully) soon to be tan lines won’t fade until next June at best.

Now to go find my Aloe…..